A Spirit of Social Commitment in our hearts


On 16th August 2015, which is marked as the holy day of the 200th birth anniversary of saint Don Bosco, the father, mentor and friends of the youth. The Assam Don Bosco University Alumni Association, thinking upon of taking an initiative of giving back something fruitful to the society and make the 200th birth anniversary of Don Bosco, a memorable chapter in our lives, amicably came upon this wonderful thought of spending the day in shantidan, the Mother Teresa house for children and old people located in Lankeshwar, Guwahati. Additional necessary information you can read on this page.

We all are God’s beautiful creations. We all have equal rights to be happy in our lives. So why not the needy people, who always long for someone to come to them, make them smile, make them happy, making them realize the brighter side of life. They have so much to say, have buried so many wishes and untold stories in their hearts, which is known only when we come close to them. As planned, we reached our destination at around 9:30 in the morning. Their smiles on their faces, gave us the feeling, of how overwhelmed they were seeing us. It seemed even they were looking forward and hoping a great time along with us. Our program started with a beautiful song by Sabyasaachi, one of our alumni association members. Then came upon the MSW fresher students of our university with a hilarious action dance. All were merrily dancing to the tunes of “boogie woogie” as if it did some magic to them and it so wonderful watching them singing and dancing. A funny skit arranged by our University’s drama club students was just a cherry on the cake. It tickled their funny bone so good that they couldn’t help but laugh their hearts out. Lastly a game of musical chair added an extra flavour to their enjoyment. Finally it was 12 o’ clock; it was lunch time for them. We distributed chocolates to them and took them leave as they headed for their lunch. It was indeed a memorable day, a day well spent, a day in which we could bring smiles the faces of who too deserved to smile, to be happy.

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